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If you, like myself, are excited about Wes Anderson's upcoming picture The Darjeeling Limited, then you, like myself, should make sure to watch Hotel Chevalier, a short 13-minute film that's essentially a prequel to the Darjeeling Limited. A little on the racy side, it still manages to capture the essential Wes Anderson characteristics found in all his other films; e.g. the wide angle shots, the intricate setting, the music, and even that trademark Wes Anderson slow-motion-height-of-emotion shot. It's available free on iTunes, and certainly makes me even more excited about the Darjeeling Limited.


The earlier parts of November, and primarily October.

October has been a hell of a month. It was probably one of the best months I've ever had in my life, for a multitude of reasons. But I'm sad to report that October is now long gone.

Anyhow, here's photo documentation of some of the things that went on during October.

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Man I have been pissing people off left and right today. This kind of sucks.
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